The Kent County Open Government Project (KCOGP) is a public service of the non-profit and non-partisan Kent County Taxpayers Alliance.

First published in 2011, the KCOGP compared only the major governments in Kent County and ranked them based on transparency and openness. This site was completely revised and updated with much more information in September of 2013. While the original KCOGP survey in 2011 found that many smaller government entities (like townships) didn't have web sites at all, the 2013 survey found that all local governments now have a web site. Of course, the quality and usability vaires widely, but those considerations are taken into account in our new transparency report card.

Useful data now available for comparison includes property and income tax rates, school district performance, and transparency scores. We're also proud to have added the Freedom of Information Act Request generator, which assists users with creating and submitting FOIA requests.

If you find this web site useful or you use it in your business (such as real estate agents), please consider donating $5 or $10 to keep this site running and up to date. We're proud of the efforts we've put into the KCOGP and we'd love to keep it going to inform taxpayers, residents, and interested parties.

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