Compare School Districts in Kent County

An explanation of the scores listed here and their sources is at the bottom of this page.

The assigned rank is a number from 1 to 27.

2013 School District Comparison Chart

School District
MEAP Proficiency
MME Proficiency
MME Rank
ACT Proficiency
ACT Rank
Graduation Rate
Grad Rank
Spending Per Pupil
Spending Rank
Forest Hills Public Schools89.5%175.0%267.7%294.37%3$14,2214
East Grand Rapids Public Schools88.4%284.0%173.9%191.21%8$12,44510
Caledonia Community Schools84.3%369.0%456.4%395.11%1$13,7425
Byron Center Public Schools83.0%470.0%348.7%894.12%4$12,4849
Grandville Public Schools82.1%565.0%750.1%793.3%5$11,04523
Lowell Area Schools82.1%668.0%651.7%589.9%10$11,20221
Rockford Public Schools80.5%769.0%554.7%492.0%6$12,5318
Thornapple Kellogg Schools78.8%857.0%844.1%1091.06%9$11,83715
Cedar Springs Public Schools77.9%954.0%1442.7%1382.05%15$10,93725
Northview Public Schools76.4%1055.0%1247.3%978.96%18$11,35119
Kent City Community Schools74.4%1156.0%940.2%1886.96%12$11,25120
Lakewood Public Schools74.2%1256.0%1143.3%1194.84%2$12,12912
Tri County Area Schools73.9%1355.0%1341.4%1780.24%17$9,38727
Kenowa Hills Public Schools70.7%1444.0%2339.0%1986.74%13$11,87914
Comstock Park Public Schools70.0%1549.0%1950.8%667.4%22$12,7386
Greenville Public Schools67.2%1654.0%1542.8%1291.37%7$11,52316
Wayland Union Schools66.8%1756.0%1042.4%1589.73%11$17,2681
Kentwood Public Schools66.3%1845.0%2236.1%2073.69%21$12,37911
Lakeview Community Schools65.6%1953.0%1728.0%2475.83%20$10,94724
Sparta Area Schools65.3%2051.0%1842.4%1484.05%14$11,12222
Grant Public Schools65.1%2153.0%1642.1%1678.11%19$10,63826
Godwin Heights Public Schools64.5%2232.0%2624.6%2557.71%25$11,98413
Kelloggsville Public Schools60.5%2342.0%2430.3%2249.3%26$11,44617
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools56.5%2429.0%2715.2%2765.32%24$12,7387
Belding Area Schools55.6%2548.0%2031.0%2181.32%16$14,7783
Wyoming Public Schools54.8%2646.0%2129.9%2366.67%23$11,40818
Grand Rapids Public Schools51.8%2737.0%2523.2%2644.56%27$14,8212

MEAP scores are from school year 2012-2013 and are reading scores from 6th grade. MME scores are from school year 2012-13 and are reading scores from 11th grade. ACT scores are from school year 2011-2012 and are for reading proficiency. MEAP, MME, and ACT scores were retrieved from the MI School Data web site.

Graduation rates are from the Michigan Department of Education's Center for Educational Performance and Information web site. The data is from the 2012 Four Year Cohort Graduation and Dropout Rates spreadsheet.

Per-pupil spending data is from the Mackinac Center's Michigan School District Revenue and Expenditure Report web site. The number includes all spending.